Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Going once, Going Twice...

Hay Ya'awl,

It was a long road trip,,,,,back.
We're now entering within the final 24 12 6 hour stretch of online auction (dream annihilation sequence and lifetime obliteration sale) for my 5 acre Fortress of Solitude forever located privacy invaded retreat at 1627 Little Butternut Lake Lane, Luck WI.

 Welcome One and All Who may be Late to my sister's game, the grand prize of betrayal still avail, a dream of mine forever maimed.

 Cabin and Lake Lot Auction

I wish I had time to, and could personally  thank all those involved in bringing this past year reigning down.  It's been everything one could imagine out of an Andy Warhol Salvador Dali dream, right up to this final hour.  Deciding whether to be respectful of those still cowered together as Anonymous, truly deserving a hog wallow-full of disrespect, or just write the ending to my faded lifetime's dream has taken longer than what One would expect...

Hay Ya'awl again,

Dream a Picture
This picture always hung on my Grandpa's wall.
Remember your very first big screen movie theatre experience?  Sitting there shuddering and shivering because the heat had already been shut off in preparation for it's once again final small town shut down, but as soon as the screen lit up you were immediately swept away?  There was the larger than any life you could imagine Main Character, his adventure about to unfold from that old worn photo in his hand, back into a time and place, lost to a world from long ago.

As a kid growing up on the backside of everything, that was as much of an adventure as I thought I could ever hope for or wish, that the theatre would again open briefly so I could see another show before it again breathed its end. That's what I thought my life would always be like, until one day suddenly I was holding that picture in hand and staring into the big screen reality suddenly alive in front of my eyes. 

I'd seen this place as a picture hanging in the house my Grandpa inhabited for my entire time.  Siblings don't recall it, but it mesmerized me each time.  The strange thing I'll never understand is that it was my other Grandfather who led me to discover this sacred piece of land.  What followed was my real life adventure, swept away from that frigid and perpetually dying small town theatre. To fast forward the experience compartmentalize:

This song is my favorite from the artist I admired more than the why I never fully understood at the time . It continued to take on more and more personal meaning throughout the years as this lifetime adventure in two separate worlds that I never dreamed existed captured and transported me, away from that place still shuddering and shivering, dying slowly so far behind.

I leave my favorite old worn out photo now in you hand, 
for your imagination  to see and mind to understand.

  Vagabond Ted
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