Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My favorite Holiday

My Favorite Holiday
4th of JewelEye hasta be the favorite holiday for all us vagabonds. It's the one holiday where the rest of ewes actually git a taste fer what our lives are liek everyday. Ya'all load up your minivans & SUVs, trample the land in front of yer favorite body of water outside yer jacuzzi tub, pitch a tent, rent one of them thare wiccums, er jist plug yer mortarhome shitline inta the trailer park hookup an yer all set. Fire up yer gas grill, pull a couple steaks otta yer battery powered frigerators, pop a couple uv whatever that thare Most Interestin Feller in the World is currently a drinkin an ewe ain't got a care left in the world! Congratulations on yer summer campout. Hope it douwn't rain nun, but I'm sure ewe'alls is a'covered better than me an my buddies here are, if it dew!

How bouts I makes ya a challenge fer next year? You have a year to think abouwt it, and since you all is so full uv yer own success, I'm shore ewe can figure ouwt how to accomplish it. It's real simple, soes... Here's the challenge:

Find a homeless person in your area. It's not very difficult, all you have to do is look around. There are plenty to chose from, but I'd advise you not to wait. The reel guud un's will prolly go purdee quick! When you find one, get to know them well enough to be comfortable in your mind that by next Fourth of July if everything works out in this new found friendship, they'll be house sitting for you. Ask them why they live on the streets, family stuff, background, etc. and then REALLY listen to what they have to say. Most uv us tain't that crazy an shore as the sun comes up in the southeast an a'sets in the northwest, we're as honest as the rest of ewes, an speciully so whin it comes ta our friends. Actually, in my first hand experience, we're more honest with ourselves, as well as our friends in proportion to our population, than society is as a whole (trust me, you don't want to debate me on this point). Now that you've stepped out of your box, peaked into ours, and actually engaged with one or two of my friends, get ready for the new Annual 4th of July Vagabond Switch. Since'n ewe awls wants ta go campin an stay outside fer a spell, your new Vagabond friend gits ta stay in yer house and housesit while ewes is ouwt campin it up!

You get the fresh air experience. We get a warm bed, satellite TV, washer and dryer, and a stocked pantry and fridge. Imagine how this weekend could be if everyone who packed their minivan, SUV, or King of the Road motorhome would take this simple challenge. Is it really that difficult getting to know someone well enough, who isn't as well off as you, to the point of maybe lending a helping hand once in awhile? You get a new friend, and someone besides a security camera to watch your estate & your neighbors bedroom window and maybe, just maybe, the person who actually has the most wisdom and life experience to offer here in this "life exchange" gets a weekend without worry and the sense of feeling secure and maybe wanted in the world. Imagine the possibilities if you could instill, gasp yes I'll say it, HOPE for something beyond their next meal.
A propane gas grill in the snow in Iceland.
A propane gas grill in the snow in Iceland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Think about it as you pop the top on your first cold one and fire up the grill. That's always a good place to start.

Vagabond Ted

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