Thursday, September 12, 2013

Love Envelope

Love Envelope

In today’s world

 of e-mails, texts, and instant messaging, the art of writing letters is nearly extinct, which is only one reason why the love envelope I received today is unique.  No, that is not a typo; I wrote love envelope, not love letter, because that is exactly what I received this morning from one of the older gentleman who frequents the day shelter for homeless men where I work.

Most envelopes are torn open and discarded to reveal the contents inside, but this envelope was like no other envelope I have ever received.  It was more suitable for framing than for recycling....

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Vagabond 9-1-1 Remembrance

Hay Ya'awl,

I don't normally re-quiescence or pontificate on others' day of requiencences, but today deserves a special exceptional exemption. You see, back then fer this Vagabond, 9-1-1 was most likely ta also be his last September last.

Knot that I was in direct harm's way of wayward terrorists, hardly.  I was in the well disclosed but difficult ta find  basement office location of another Specialist battling a completely different foreign intruder of unimaginable shock, no awe carnage and devastation, my uninvited HIV guests.

Not  to sound pompous or anything, but I was shore relieved when I left that Specialist's underground bunker, hearing the news of what was going on in New York at the time, and getting the call from those Perfectly Proper Piper People of ImPeccably Perennially Poor Principles, that the office was closing that day for precaution.  Seems when they took out one of our most active trading partners in the World Trade Center, even Perennially Poor Principled folks found something perplexing ta ponder...

Monday, September 9, 2013

Zeus and Xenon

under the Bush
It's OK to come out.
They're gonna love Ya!

 Hay Ya'awl,

Cain't balieve the entire summer is dun gone and I haven't been writing at'tall.  Only excuse really is I jist took a break from the online world fer a spell and attempted fitting into the real world once again.  Wa'ell, as usual fer yours truthfully, those are shore some stories, but knot fer sharing here fer right now.  This hare story is about transitions, clearing new trails, and forging ahead with the gusto of, and quest of every burning man, making shore we never elect another burning Bush!

Monday, May 13, 2013

I’ve Got Your Back

I've got your Back
Originally published on:

That's Another Story

 by +Kristi Jedlicki

How many times have you said to someone or had someone say to you,

"I've got your back."  

It is a popular phrase that is easy to say, but actually following through with this declaration can be anything but easy.  Having someone's back sometimes is inconvenient, stressful, perilous, and a host of other adjectives that we didn't bargain for when uttering those words.  Yesterday, some very special people reminded me that they had my back, and in return, they have my heartfelt gratitude. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013




is traveling right now on the train

He's been off the streets for a month

and if he makes his curfew by 10:00

he won't get kicked out again.

Oh, oh, Oh

I see the anxiousness in his eyes

as I drive him to the station

and wave goodbye.

His twin sons at Harvard Law

and his girls 5 and 10,

can't rely on Daddy anymore

cause his unemployment ran out again.

Oh, oh, Oh

Daniel my brother,

you are younger than me

and I feel the real pain,

of the scars society won't see.


When they gauge the

color of your skin,

to predetermine you'll never

kick their crack assumption again

oh, Oh, oh

so shelter now until till

set-up to fail at 10:00

keep the doors revolving

like native American history,

to keep the pale employed

as the only ones

allowed truly free.

Daniel my brother,

you are younger than me

and I feel the real pain,

of the scars society won't see...

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Welcome Home

One day last year

When I arrived at work, which happens to be at a day shelter for homeless men, I met an older, unassuming gentleman who has become someone I look up to for his endless supply of hope and determination.  When we first met, we shed tears of sorrow together, and earlier this week, we again shared tears with one another, only this time, they were tears of pure joy. It has been my true honor and pleasure to be a small part of his life, and I am humbled to share part of his story here.